Congratulations to ARL's Attendance Grant winners.  The Attendance Grant continues to attract great interest and this year we received a record 91 entries.

Our working group has reviewed all applications and advised that the 2014 recipients are:

  • From Africa: Faraja Ndumbaro, Tanzania
  • From Asia: Suchetan Kumar, India
  • From Latin America: Mariisa Rico Bocanegra, Mexico

The recipients will receive their award in Lyon at the IFLA Awards Presentation [session 133] to be held on Tuesday 19 August 12:45-13:45 in the Expo Pavilion, Lyon Convention Center. 

The Attendance Grant continues to enable professionals from developing countries the opportunity to attend IFLA. Through their attendance they are immersed in key issues in the library and information sector and equally importantly, develop relationships with their peers.  We greatly appreciate the support from Sage in enabling the presentation of this Award.