A dynamic Professional Unit has the greatest impact on IFLA’s global work – engaging members, developing strong leadership and identity, delivering high-quality services with a measurable impact, and communicating activities within IFLA and beyond. The Professional Committee launched the Dynamic Unit and Impact Award (DUIA) in 2018 to recognise the Professional Units who have excelled in putting Dynamic Unit expectations into practice.  

The 2020 IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award is awarded to the Document Delivery and Resource Sharing (DDRS) Section.

This Unit’s timely and active programming in support of libraries before and during the pandemic, along with their collaborative approach within and beyond IFLA, make the Document Delivery and Resource Sharing (DDRS) Section a deserving winner of the 2020 Dynamic Unit and Impact Award. The Unit hosted a successful and innovative Interlending & Document Supply (ILDS) Conference in collaboration with the host, National Library of Technology (NTK), Prague, Czech Republic, bolstered by active social media integration and strong post-event publishing activities. The latest ILDS Conference drew participants from 5 continents and the innovations in delivery and preservation ensure the ongoing availability of the more than 20 presentations and papers representing 14 countries.

During the 2020 pandemic, the Unit, working with the Open Access Button (OAB), developed the RSCVD (“received”) initiative. RSCVD connected library workers with libraries in need, to create a global resource sharing emergency response network. Since launching in April 2020, 125 individuals from 88 institutions in 17 countries have volunteered to fill the more than 9,000 requests received. 55% of those requests were filled via the volunteer corps with an additional 565 open access articles immediately delivered through OAB’s InstantILL.

The Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section have recently been awarded an Erasmus grant opportunity in collaboration with the CNR Library of Bologna, Italy Research Area, to continue and expand the project.

DDRS will be honoured and celebrated at this year’s 2021 WLIC which will be held virtually.

The jury found two Sections worthy of special mention:

Academic and Research Libraries (ARL)

A special mention is given to the ARL Section for its outreach and advocacy. Five popular ARL Section webinars were held from December 2019 to September 2020. The webinar on ‘Academic Library Services during COVID-19’ in July attracted over 200 participants from around the world with ten presenters, and the webinar “Decolonization in education: role of the academic library” and “ARL Hot Topics” were both presented as webinars including the planned speakers from WLIC 2020. Their active programme of events and sessions strengthen their area of the profession and support access to knowledge and information across the globe.

Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL)

The jury recognised the CPDWL Section for its strong and active committee, who have shown excellent planning, a clear and effective communication strategy, including an active social media presence and dynamic virtual events. Their Unit’s focus on building a diverse membership and network of partnerships, provides excellence in continuing professional development and workplace learning. CPDWL offers an active international forum and network for the promotion of professional growth, and is the global voice for CPD and workplace learning, successfully reaching and supporting multiple global audiences: SC members, section members, the wider IFLA community and LIS professionals

The special mentions for ARL and CPDWL will be celebrated at this year’s 2021 virtual WLIC, alongside the 2021 awardees.

From Vicki McDonald, IFLA’s Professional Committee Chair:

Thank you to all Units who applied as nominees for the 2020 Dynamic Unit and Impact Award, and of course to those selected. The Professional Committee continues to be impressed by the outstanding work being undertaken by Professional Units.  

It’s exciting to announce the winner and honourable mentions of the 2020 DUIA, who exemplify the important and innovative work of the IFLA Professional Units. Congratulations to DDRS, ARL, and CPDWL!”

From Gerald Leitner, IFLA’s Secretary General:

With deepest gratitude for the commitment and work of these IFLA Professional Units, on behalf of IFLA I thank these three Sections for their service to the global library field.”

From Christine Mackenzie, IFLA President:

These awards are a great way to celebrate success and highlight the important work of IFLA’s Professional Units in achieving our vision of a strong and united library field. Congratulations to this year’s winners!”