DEADLINE: 1 June 2021

In 2018, the Professional Committee established the IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award to recognise Professional Units who excel at putting the expectations of a Dynamic Unit into practice. 

Dynamic Units have the greatest impact on IFLA’s global work – engaging members, developing strong leadership and identity, delivering high-quality services with a measurable impact, and communicating activities within IFLA and beyond. This is not a personal award, but rather an opportunity to recognise exceptional teamwork. 

The Award aims to encourage outstanding work from Professional Units by recognising and promoting excellent examples of their work and highlight impact of the work on the field.

The 2021 IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award winner(s) will be announced during the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in 2021, alongside the 2020 winner.  

Who is eligible?

The Dynamic Unit and Impact Award will be presented to one or more of the following: 

  • Divisions 
  • Sections 
  • Special Interest Groups 
  • Review Groups
  • Strategic Programmes 

What is the criteria?

Units should have demonstrated the Dynamic Unit criteria at a superior level (please see the online application for criteria). 

  1. Quality and impact of the work
  2. Communications 
  3. Membership engagement and leadership development

Please note:  

  • Winners of the DUIA are not eligible for nomination in the year immediately following their win; recipients of the award can then be nominated in subsequent years. 
  • You many nominate your own Unit, or another.

How do we nominate?

Please complete the online application

The application has been revised from 2020 and now consists of (3) brief statements addressing the criteria, which include the following:

  • Successes achieved as a result of creative and innovative approaches. (Photos, video, &/or links are welcomed)
  • Outcomes and impact from the work.
  • Confirmation of requested Unit activities (posting of Action Plan, Webpage updates, etc.) 

Please contact the Professional Support Officer at with any questions.

Looking forward to your nominations!

IFLA Headquarters
The Hague, 23 April 2021