IFLA Celebrates it's 95 anniversary

95 years strong, lively and counting. On this day, 30 September, we celebrate a special anniversary of our Federation – a unique organisation bringing together members and volunteers from all corners of the globe.

We have got this far because we have clear goals and are resilient. Today, like so many times in the past, we and the societies we serve face great challenges: political, economic, environmental, and social. Through this, IFLA has successfully changed and developed, becoming the powerful voice, global meeting place, and source of ideas and inspiration it is today.  

What has allowed us to live so long and stay so fresh? It is what we have in common. As the IFLA Global Vision discussion showed, we are united globally in our goals and values and share a deep commitment to the enduring value and role of libraries. We know that these values are timeless, and that it is by our work today that we are building a better, more inclusive and sustainable future.  

Since its formation in 1927, IFLA has brought the world of libraries together, turning a global professional field into a global professional community, and providing a strong and deep framework for international collaboration. This framework now comprises over 50 committees working to boost knowledge within the library and information sector and support the goal of the best possible libraries for all. We have been proud and happy to support the creation and development of associations at the national and regional levels, sharing ideas and know-how and bringing the library field together as one.

Most recently IFLA has updated and expanded its regional structure and divisions, responding to the field’s call for stronger recognition of and actions aligned to the different needs of the profession in each region of the world. And on key strategic, topical issues, IFLA is able to respond due to the expertise in our core advisory committees and through the committed staff supporting our activities. 

IFLA continues to be there as our profession evolves, maintaining and updating the core infrastructure for our work such as bibliography and cataloguing, while also grasping new technologies with both hands. Together we find solutions to move us forward, despite what circumstances throw at us, with our conference in Dublin just one example of overcoming adversity to deliver a fabulous result.  

So happy birthday to IFLA, and thank you to all who make it what it is!

Barbara Lison
IFLA President 2021-2023