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Marrakesh Monitoring Report 2024

29 January 2024

    Which countries have signed up to the Marrakesh Treaty, which removes the copyright barriers preventing making and sharing accessible copies of works for people with print disabilities, and how far have they gone in bringing their national legislation into line with its provisions? Our latest Marrakesh Monitoring Report provides an update!

    Digital Inclusion - an aspect of accessibility for print disabled

    27 November 2023

      When a person in a wheelchair cannot enter the library because of the stairs - most recognize the obvious discrimination. But what about a reader who is visually impaired and cannot order a book from the library's online catalogue because it is not adapted for screen reading software? Online, just like in the physical environment, there can be digital stairs, too-narrow doors, and other barriers that leave persons with print disabilities behind. Read more about how the IFLA Libraries for Persons with Print Disabilities (IFLA LPD) Section is working to support libraries with their digital inclusion measures.

      LPD Symposium: Guidelines 2.0 for public libraries and persons with print disabilities

      25 January 2018

        International Symposium: (IFLA) Guidelines 2.0 for public libraries and persons with print disabilities, also for Rafiq, Nancy and Alice? February 28, 2018 - Muntpunt Brussels INTRODUCTION On February 28, Luisterpunt and IFLA LPD organise an international symposium on the necessity (or not) of guidelines for public library services to persons with print disabilities, focusing particularly on not so common target groups …