IFLA’s new website is now live! Reflecting our new structures, and with strong attention both to ease of navigation and accessibility, it provides a new key reference point for the global library field.

With such a wide range of professional units and other volunteer groups – together with our Headquarters – constantly working to exchange ideas and produce tools to benefit the field, IFLA’s website has long established itself as a rich source of knowledge and insights.

Bringing it up to date, and so making it as easy as possible for as many of our field as possible to benefit from our content was therefore a key part of IFLA’s Strategy 2019-2024.

After many months of intensive work, we are therefore now proud to share the results – the new ifla.org website!

A new home for the sector

The new site offers a cleaner and fresher welcome, placing IFLA’s vision and mission front and centre. It is also far easier to access the pages of IFLA’s different Sections, Divisions and other committees where the work of IFLA’s volunteers is set out.

With a view to making it easier for visitors new to IFLA to understand what we are about, information about how we work has been updated and made easier to explore,

Accompanying this improved layout is a dedicated repository for digital objects, with over 1200 objects so far, in compliance with Dublin Core metadata standards.

A collaborative effort

Building a site that provides easy access to the wealth of materials produced and shared through IFLA in a clear and attractive way has been a complex task.

To complete it successfully, close collaboration between IFLA’s volunteers and Headquarters team has been essential, both in ensuring that visitors can easily gain an overview of what IFLA’s 60+ different committees do, but also in carrying out user testing.

Particular mention goes to our Section on Libraries serving persons with Print Disabilities, who helped to make all new and curated content on the site compatible with international standards for accessibility.

Coming up…

Yet this is only the first phase. In the coming months, we will be expanding the range of content available in all IFLA official languages.

We will also continuously be adding new content to the repository, including by integrating the existing IFLA Library which holds papers and posters presented at World Library and Information Congresses since 2013.

While not all elements of our previous website will appear on our new one, we will soon be making available a fully archived version of the past IFLA.org.

Finally, we are looking forward to launching the first IFLA Newsletter by the end of September. You can sign up to receive this already, and receive an easy overview of our Federation’s work directly to your inbox, every month.

Gerald Leitner
Secretary General
The Hague, Netherlands
30 August 2021