In 2022, Directors of China-CEEC Libraries Union participated in a short video project titled “The Very Collection in My Library”, where they showcased precious books preserved in their respective libraries. Through this project, we could trace the path of book evolution since ancient times.

A Brief Summary of Qian’s Family Genealogy (Qing Dynasty) Preserved in Yunnan Provincial Library



Belgrade Book of the Four Gospels (1552) Preserved in Belgrade City Library


The books featured in this project hold immense cultural significance and represent milestones in local histories. For instance, Montenegrin ruler Đurđe Crnojević brought a printing house from Venice to Montenegro, leading to the printing of the Octoechos of the First Voice in 1494. This marked the beginning of printing among the South Slavs, only 38 years after Johannes Gutenberg’s printing of the Bible. This project also highlights the captivating content of the books. For example, the Records of Wulin Customs documents the origins and changes of local customs in Hangzhou since the Song Dynasty (960 AD), offering a glimpse into the lives of Hangzhou residents from thousands of years ago and how customs have evolved over time.

Records of Wulin Customs (Qing Dynasty) Preserved in Hangzhou Public Library


By including libraries from diverse cultures and countries, this project presents an intriguing perspective on the development of the history of books across different regions worldwide, and how they ultimately intertwine. “The Very Collection in My Library” transports us back to a time of gradual historical progression, distinct from the fast-paced world we experience today driven by technology and globalisation.

China-CEEC Libraries Union was established in October 2018 in Hangzhou with its Secretariat set in Hangzhou Public Library. Guided by the principle of equality, mutual benefit, inclusiveness and openness, member libraries from China and CEEC seek common progress by exchanging and sharing through the platform. “The Very Collection in My Library” has released 7 videos and will continue to tell the stories of books.