It has been a joy to serve two years as IFLA Officers of Acquisition and Collection Development (ACD) Section. We have been thrilled to develop friendships with a diverse group of IFLA professionals, share what we have learned, and witness career advancements within our Division and Section. We are excited to meet all standing committee members and observers in the business meeting on Sunday 20 August.

ACD will host two sessions at WLIC this year in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, both of which align with the Section’s strategic directions. The Tuesday 22 August session, Learning from Pitfalls and Embracing the Promises of Open Educational Resources Collection Development, will share OER best practices from a collection development perspective; understanding what has and has not worked to improve operational methods. Attendees will benefit from featured speakers as well as each another, positioning you to take ideas back to your home libraries for further exploration and implementation.

The Wednesday 23 August World Café session is co-hosted with the Library, Theory and Research Section. New Frontiers in Migration: New Vision from Librarianship will bring together diverse perspectives on library supports to migrants, refugees, and displaced persons. Speakers are from four IFLA sections and represent a great diversity of perspectives and regions.

We look forward to your input in both these sessions and warmly welcome your contribution to the stimulating discussions.

Lilly Hoi Sze Ho (Chair), David Tréfás (Secretary) and Ann Roll (Information Coordinator)