The IFLA Secretariat and Communications team have reviewed all IFLA professional unit acronyms, and identified recommendations to provide as much meaning as possible through IFLA acronyms.

Unit acronym is an important part of Unit’s branding, identity and legacy in IFLA and across the library and information field. An acronym is a word or name made from the initial components of a longer name or phrase. Acronyms can be formed from the initial letters of words, but sometimes use syllables. They can also be a mixture. Acronyms can be pronounced like words or as individual letters. Acronyms are used throughout social media networks and in other communications to quickly connect.

In response to the IFLA Communication team, members of Serials and Continuing Resources Section had a survey on the suggested acronyms and the majority of committee members voted for the SCORE as the refreshed acronym of the section.

So, follow us on social media networks by the #SCORE hashtag from now on and please use #SCORE when you are writing about us.