We’re into the final week of IFLA’s nominations process!

You have just over six days left to complete your nomination and nominee consent forms for IFLA’s elections and appointments 2021.

This is your key opportunity to give a colleague – or yourself – the chance both to benefit from the unique learning experience of being part of an IFLA committee, as well as to contribute to the library field as a whole.

There is still time to see what positions are available, find great candidates – or nominators – and get everything submitted. In doing so, you can help us achieve IFLA’s strongest, most diverse range of candidates ever. Find out more on our elections page.

The deadline is 12pm CEST on 13 April 2021 (see what time this is for you). 

What will happen after that?

Once nominations close, the team at IFLA Headquarters will prepare lists of all of the candidates who have enough nominations to be able to stand.

Electronic elections will be prepared. For most positions, these will start on 26 April, but for our Professional Council Chair and Professional Division Committee Chairs, it will be on 3 May.

Those Members, Affiliates and volunteers eligible to vote will then have four weeks to shape the committees that drive IFLA’s work forward.

In line with IFLA’s values, and the goals of our governance review, we will be encouraging voters to select candidates who can best represent the full diversity of the library field, and give us the best possible basis to continue to support the profession globally into the future. 

So use the next six days to make sure that you don’t miss out and take the opportunity to be part of IFLA’s future.

We are IFLA!

Kind regards,

Gerald Leitner
Secretary General
The Hague, Netherlands
7 April 2021