A poll of IFLA’s Members on the Federation’s proposed new Statutes has indicated strong support for reforms. If this is confirmed at next week’s extraordinary General Assembly, IFLA will move rapidly to start the elections and appointments process for 2021.

In line with the rules in place, any change to IFLA’s Statutes needs to be subject to an advisory ballot of Members. As the name suggests, this is not a final decision. Rather, it gives the possibility for Members to get a sense of the preferences of their peers.

As a result, on 31 October 2020, IFLA opened just such a ballot, asking for an idea of the views of its Members on the draft new IFLA Statutes. This closed on 31 January 2021.

We are happy to say that the result was overwhelming support, with over 95% of those responding indicating that they would support the proposed revisions to the Statutes. Just 2% voted against, and 2% abstained.

Act Now: Designate Your Proxy

This provides a positive indication of the views of the field, ahead of our extraordinary General Assembly, to be held at 8:00 AEDT on 12 February (22:00 CET on 11 February).

It is there that IFLA’s Members will decide whether to approve, formally, the proposals that will allow more inclusive, effective and transparent governance structures to come into place.

In order to have their say, Members who have not yet done so are urged to designate a proxy. Act now!

This is essential, given that with current restrictions, in-person attendance is likely to be very complicated. Find out more about how to do this in our previous news story.

Looking Ahead: Elections and Appointments 2021

In the light of the positive result of the indicative ballot, IFLA is also happy, today, to share the planned schedule for elections and appointments for positions across our Federation.

If Members vote in favour of IFLA’s new governance structure on 12 February, the process of nominating and voting for positions will take place in accordance with the new Statutes, as well as Rules of Procedure agreed by the Governing Board. Successful candidates will take up their positions in August, following the official entry into force of the new Statutes and Rules.

In the meanwhile, current members of IFLA’s different committees and groups, as well as the Governing Board, will be able to complete their terms.

IFLA looks forward to communicating more about the process following the extraordinary General Assembly.

A Final Reminder:

As highlighted above, IFLA can only implement its new governance structures with your agreement. You have defined the priorities for this work and shaped its results, through your inputs and your ideas.

You, as IFLA’s Members, must also decide on whether to approve the proposals made, through designating your proxies for our extraordinary General Assembly and telling them how you want to vote.

The choice to create a more inclusive, effective and transparent IFLA is in your hands.

For more about the schedule for IFLA’s nominations and elections process 2021, see our news piece setting out dates and details.

Kind regards,

Gerald Leitner
Secretary General
The Hague, Netherlands
4 February 2021