In response to the expressions of interest received on the last 2 days of the deadline:

**Call to express interest extended to 1 November 2022**


The ISBD Review Group is seeking candidates to join its revision works aiming at aligning the ISBD to the IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM).

The terms of reference for this aligning revision are to:

  • Complete an alignment of the ISBD to the LRM at the-Manifestation entity level;
  • Analyze the gaps in the element sets of the 2021 Update of the ISBD Consolidated edition 2011;
  • Produce the ISBD for Manifestation (ISBDM); that is an element set for the alignment with stipulations for describing an ISBD manifestation according to LRM.

These revision works, tackled by the ISBD for Manifestation Task Force of the ISBD Review Group, are being extended in 2 particular areas: a) Prescriptiveness and granularity of the ISBDM, and b) Examples for the ISBDM stipulations.

Candidates will be selected and will work closely with the ISBD for Manifestation Task Force based on the following pre-requisites and terms of references:

Expressions of interest to join one of these area of the ISBDM with a summary of your relevant background are to be submitted to the ISBD Review Group Chair, by 1 November 2022.

You are also encouraged to share this call with your professional circles or potential candidates who fulfil the pre-requisites.

For inquiries, more information, discussions, also feel free to email the ISBD Review Group Chair.