Ellen Tise, Mme. Marie Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue, & Francoise B. Thybulle

L to R: IFLA President Ellen Tise, Mme Marie Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue–Haitian Minister Of Culture and Communication, & Francoise B. Thybulle–Director of the National Library of Haiti

Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure to announce you that yesterday (June 23rd, 2010) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, IFLA President Ellen R. Tise was invited by the Haitian Ministry of Culture at the signature of the agreement for the project "Ark", a rescue center for documents damaged by the devastating earthquake of January 12th, 2010.

The Ministry of Culture of Haiti, the International Blue Shield, and the Haitian Committee of the Blue Shield are signatories of this agreement.

The agreement calls for the creation of a center for the rescue and treatment of books and archival material, as well as the establishment of an archive to preserve Haitian heritage for future generations.

This processing center is set up for two years. It will welcome Haitian and foreign volunteers for the restoration of cultural works. Ellen Tise expressed the strong will of IFLA to support the Haitian libraries to further repair the damage that they underwent.

Ellen Tise also emphasized that IFLA wishes to strengthen local capacities for the conservation of Haiti's cultural heritage and to ensure the sustainability of the project.

The signature of this agreement will allow us to begin the construction phase of the center.

If you wish to participate as a volunteer in the functioning of this processing center for documents in Haiti or to contribute to its construction, please do not hesitate to join us.

More information about this event (en français):

Best regards,

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