Robert Andrew McKee (1950-2010)

It is with great sadness that we communicate to you all the passing away of former IFLA Governing Board Member Bob McKee, who died in Gothenburg at the weekend.

Bob was an active, friendly and committed member of IFLA for many years. His contribution to the IFLA Governing Board, his membership of the FAIFE Committee and his expertise in the management of library associations earned him the respect of his fellow professionals. He was also, as all those who met him would testify, a deeply intelligent man whose quick wit and sense of humour made him many friends in the library world and beyond.

Bob was looking forward to both his retirement from CILIP in October and the chance to continue his work with IFLA as a core trainer in our Building Strong Library Associations Programme.

One of Bob’s many strengths was his ability to connect with people from across cultures and languages. Bob had an undoubted talent for simplifying complex issues and making them practical and understandable.

Bob was attending the IFLA World Library and Information Congress. As you can appreciate, this news has caused us all both grief and shock. Our sympathy and thoughts go out to Bob’s family and friends and our colleagues at CILIP and the United Kingdom. Bob died amongst those colleagues who loved and admired him.

Ellen Tise, IFLA President
IFLA Governing Board
IFLA Headquarters Staff
The IFLA Family
and the Swedish Library Association

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