Call by the IFLA Health and Biosciences Libraries Section for WLIC 2022 Program on “Infodemic Management: Strategies for Combatting Health Mis/Dis/Malinformation”, Dublin, Ireland, July 26-29, 2022

This call is an invitation to participate in a one-hour session at the WLIC 2022 in Dublin, Ireland, a panel with 4 speakers who will address Strategies for Combatting Health Misinformation, Disinformation, and Malinformation.  Controlling the spread of mis/dis/malinformation is a problem that involves everyone, and we welcome diverse perspectives and encourage submissions that cover practices across different health-related areas and different regions of the world and that highlight successful interventions for improving people’s access to and use of quality and accurate health information.

Infodemics occur when rapid flows of information combine with information voids and conflicting or confusing messaging to make it difficult for people to find information and make informed decisions to protect their health and the health of their communities. Librarians play a critical role in improving the information ecosystem and strengthening public health response by ensuring people have access to accurate health information, in a usable format, from a trusted messenger, at the right time to promote healthy and informed decision making.

Submissions due 4 April 2022. The full call with submission details can be found on the IFLA WLIC 2022 conference site: