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IFLA has three Regional Offices to assist it in carrying out its regional activities. These are the Asia and Oceania office located in the National Library Board of Singapore, the Africa office located in the University of South Africa, Pretoria, and the Latin America and the Caribbean office located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Regional Office plays a leadership role in the region as IFLA’s representative body. Each office is managed by a Regional Manager and is affiliated with IFLA Headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands.

Given the forthcoming retirement of the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Manager, IFLA is seeking applications from organisations in the region interested in establishing and staffing a new Regional Office.

The successful applicant host organisation will enter into an agreement with IFLA for an initial term of three years. This agreement will be reviewed towards the end of the initial term and by mutual consent may be renewed for a further agreed period.

Selection process

Applications should be received by IFLA Headquarters by 19 November 2010. All valid applications will be reviewed by the selection committee against the criteria set out below, together with the information required in the attached questionnaire provided by the applicant. The committee may, if necessary, seek clarification on a matter included in the application but will not accept additional or new information after the submission date.

The selection committee comprises: the Chair of Division 5 (Chair), the Chair or a representative of the Standing Committee for the Latin America and the Caribbean Section, a representative of Governing Board, the Secretary General. In finalising the committee the Governing Board will ensure that there is no conflict of interest between representatives on the committee, and applicant representatives.

The Selection process timetable is:

19 November 2010 – applications to be received at IFLA Headquarters;
8 December 2010 – recommendation of the Selection Committee to IFLA Governing Board for decision;
8 December 2010 – applicants advised of the decision by Governing Board on the successful host organisation.

The Secretary General will then commence discussions with the host organisation on the preparation and signing of the agreement.

Complete Details: