IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, invites bids from IFLA Members to host the 13th IFLA Interlending and Document Supply (ILDS) Conference to be held in September or October 2013. This conference typically runs 2 to 3 days in length, attracts between 200 and 250 delegates, and operates with a budget of approximately EUR 100,000.

Interlending and document supply is one of the cornerstones of any library's operations. The continuing development of technology and the increasing use of electronic resources make this conference an exciting opportunity for the international community to come together to discuss the delivery of quality services to users.  Interlending and document supply is an integral part of IFLA’s strategic plan and Key Initiatives.

Recent conferences have been in:

The ILDS Planning Committee is responsible for all local arrangements, including venue selection, catering, web site development, promotion and marketing, social events, setting the conference budget, registration, fundraising and corporate sponsorship, soliciting and selecting exhibitors, and assisting speakers and delegates with visa or travel questions.

The IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Standing Committee assumes all responsibility for soliciting and selecting papers to be delivered at the conference.

Organization of the conference is carried out completely by the host organization, which must be willing to commit the amount of time and level of staff required to plan an event of this magnitude. Applicants may use a Professional Conference Organizer if they so desire to assist with conference logistics.

Submissions should be sent electronically to ILDS@iflamail.org by 9 January 2012

Criteria against which submissions will be considered

Candidates are advised to provide information on all the criteria. Submissions should be made in electronic form (see below).

1. The host

a. IFLA member responsible for the bid and, if successful, is legally and financially able to be contracted by IFLA to host the conference and form the ILDS Planning Committee.  The host organization is responsible for securing all conference funding; IFLA does not provide financial assistance. Please also include names and contact details of the persons responsible for the bid.

b. Opportunities that the conference provides to place an international focus on the local and regional profession, and for the local and regional profession to take an international focus;

c. The types of support offered within the local profession;

2. Local and regional professional activity

a. Professional activity and innovative ideas that would be of interest to delegates;

b. Proposed dates – the conference is ideally held in October.  Please advise if there are any local or national events that might conflict with, or enhance the conference. If there may be a conflict or a more beneficial date, please propose alternative dates for the conference;

c. Other conferences scheduled in your region for 2013 that may also attract ILDS conference delegates, or detract from ILDS conference attendance. If you are proposing that the conference could be held jointly with, or adjacent to, a national or regional conference, please give details including the advantages and disadvantages for IFLA;

3. Levels of wider support

a. Capacity of the ILDS Planning Committee to secure financial support and sponsorship; estimate expected level of financial and other support for the conference;

b. Visa policy and process, and restrictions on any countries for the issuing of visas;

c. Ability to provide assistance with visa questions.

4. The venue

Main Conference Hall including AV equipment (PC with internet connection, a projector and sound system)          +/-300-350 seats
Break-out room for parallel session including AV equipment (PC with internet connection, a projector and sound system) +/-150-200 seats

Free Wi-Fi for delegates       


Speakers rehearsal room (optional)        

with 1 PC
Registration area  
Exhibition area with space for +/- 10 – 20 tables
Lounge area for coffee breaks & lunch  
Baggage storage room  

5. The location

a. Accessibility via air and rail travel routes.

b. Local sites of interest for pre- or post-conference tourism.

Please submit any further supporting documents, such as official letters to provide evidence of any promised support.


Submissions should be sent electronically to ILDS@iflamail.org by 9 January 2012

Selection Process

Call for submissions opens November 2011
Submissions due 9 January 2012
Submissions considered by the IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section for recommendation to the IFLA Governing Board January 2012
Governing Board decision February 2012
IFLA enters into a formal agreement with the successful bidder  
Successful bidder announced March 2012

The Announcement will be made via IFLA.org and IFLA-L mailing list


Submissions should be sent electronically to ILDS@iflamail.org by 9 January 2012 

For more information, please contact:
Josche Ouwerkerk,
IFLA Conference Officer,

For more information on the professional programme, please contact:
Mary Hollerich,
Chair of the Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section mary.hollerich@gmail.com