We would like to invite everyone to share their stories /articles / announcements with ENSULIB for publication in our forthcoming newsletter.

Articles should be submitted in Word format and cover subjects relevant to environment, sustainability and libraries, preferably with images (in JPEG format) or other media under a CC-BY 4.0 license. Articles should include section headings.

Articles should adhere to the following length guidelines:

  • News items and announcements – Short, topical, news oriented (50 to 200 words)
  • Major articles: In depth discussions of topics of interest: congress report, experience sharing, etc. (about 500 words)
  • ENSULIB updates (up to 500 words)

All articles which are selected for publication will be proof-read. We may need to make minor editorial changes or correct spelling mistakes.

The License: By submitting a contribution to the newsletter, you agree that it will be made publicly available in the ENSULIB newsletter and translated into other languages for further publication.

The Fine Print: Due to editorial considerations, we may not be able to publish every submitted story in the ENSULIB Newsletter. On occasion we may also need to publish a story in a later newsletter instead of the current one. We will always endeavour to keep authors informed of these decisions. To establish the identity of the authors, your name will be published with your article.

The deadline for submissions is 5 May 2023 (Friday).

We look forward to receiving your articles at [email protected], using the subject line “ENSULIB Newsletter Submission”. Thank you.