Nominations and nominees are welcome for positions on IFLA’s new Open Science and Scholarship Advisory Committee, whose creation was agreed by the IFLA Governing Board on 25 August. 1 place for a chair and 9 places for members are available. Nominator and nominee forms are due by 5pm CEST on 4 October 2023.

The new Committee builds on the work of our Open Access Working Party, which led on the developing of IFLA’s 2022 Statement on Open Access, and takes this forwards.

In line with the Committee’s Terms of Reference, it has as a purpose to provide advice to the Governing Board and Secretary General on the strategic directions of IFLA’s engagement with Open Science and Scholarship, including Open Access and related issues. It should work in consultation with other relevant IFLA research, policy and advocacy, and publishing activities as well as relevant IFLA Sections and Regional Divisions.

The Chair and Members are appointed by the Governing Board, in line with Rule R14.3.2.4 of IFLA’s Rules of Procedure. Expectations of Chairs and Members are set out in IFLA’s Elections Guide, on p15-16, and you can also consult the the Terms of Reference of the Committee. To note, in addition to the Members, there will also be a number of ex officio members from other parts of IFLA.

Interested in participating?

As with IFLA’s wider elections, to be eligible, candidates need to submit a nominee form.

In addition, they need to have a corresponding nominator form. The latter must come from a national or international association member (for candidates for Committee Chair) or any type of association or institution member (in the case of Committee Members).

Those members eligible to nominate are being contacted with links to fill in nominator forms. They can nominate as many candidates as there are places available (i.e. one chair, and up to nine members).  An updated list of our members is available on our website.

Your candidacy is considered eligible only once you have submitted a nominee form, and a relevant member has submitted a nominator form.

The deadline is 5pm CEST on 4 October 2023 (see what time this is for you). After this, IFLA’s Governing Board will appoint a chair and up to nine members. You can contact us with questions.