The Management and Marketing Section, in collaboration with Samos Public Library are organizing a satellite meeting in Pythagorion, Samos, Greece 22 – 23 August 2019. The event will precede the annual World Library and Information Congress: 85th IFLA General Conference and Assembly in Athens 24 – 30 August.


Recruiting and Managing the New Generation of Employees to Attract New Markets and Create new Services

The Conference will explore and discuss management and communication skills libraries and other cultural institutions need to recruit a new generation of employees, attract new markets and create new services. Which communication strategies and media are best for reaching new employees and customers? Do we have the right communication skills?  What additional skills may all employees need to better serve the new generation?

Subject of Papers or Posters:

  1. New services and new skills
  2. Recruitment strategies
  3. Matching media to markets
  4. Identifying and serving the unserved
  5. OJT (on the job training):  Updating outdated skills, mentoring
  6. Research on market trends for libraries and cultural institutions
  7. New markets for libraries and cultural institutions
  8. Expanding the Library’s reach through public engagement
  9. Creating new positions which align with the mission of the institution
  10. Best practices on any of the subjects

Submission guidelines

Interested parties are invited to submit an abstract (maximum 350 words) in English for a proposed paper or poster.

Each presentation will last approximately 20 minutes. Posters should display questions, hypothesis, data, and results that highlight research within the conference subjects.

The abstract should be in English and include the title of the paper; author/presenter’s name, position and employer; author/presenter’s email address and telephone number.

Please submit proposals to: Ruth Ornholt, E-mail:

Evaluation and Deadlines

Proposals will be reviewed by a sub-committee of members of the Management and Marketing Section.

  • Abstract submission deadline: 16 February 2019
  • Notification of acceptance: 15 March 2019
  • Deadline for Paper submission:15 June 2019

Papers must be in English and include the abstract