Appel à communication

Recent years have seen an increase in experimental electronic publishing concerning the visual arts. Art publishers are not simply reproducing traditional print publications electronically; they are also creating remarkable works with unique digital functionalities. Artists, arts organizations, and publishers worldwide use applications, e-book readers, and Web resources in order to produce original artworks and new art resources. These new publications—media-rich, collaborative, open-ended, or immersive—are extending the scope of art publishing.

Subjects of interest include:

  • Typology and impact of digital art publications, and the evaluation of potential readers and new perspectives
  • Mediation practices in a digital world, including how libraries play a part in the diffusion and public appropriation of digital art publishing
  • Conservation and heritage principles concerning digital art publishing
  • Digital art publishing and international copyright
  • Referencing of artist websites, including the impact on cataloging and acquisitions in libraries
  • Library public services associated with digital art publications
  • Conservation of digital art publications such as online sale catalogues and catalogues raisonnés

In collaboration with the Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA), the Art Libraries Section of IFLA is organizing a three-day conference in Paris focused on visual arts e-publishing. The conference will be held at INHA’s headquarters 12-14 August 2014. The three days will be divided between two morning sessions with conferences and round table discussions, and three afternoons devoted to site visits and demonstrations in Paris museums and libraries.

The deadline for proposals is 21 February 2014.

For instructions on submitting a proposal, please see the full Call for papers on the IFLA WLIC 2014 website.