IFLA Cataloguing Section invites you to submit a proposal for the CATS open session at the 86th IFLA General Conference and Assembly to be held in Dublin, Ireland, 15-21 August 2020.

The session theme is “Metadata quality issues and policies” and will focus on benefits and challenges resulting from the integration of library metadata with datasets and services produced by other communities, either belonging to heritage institutions or to other players, such as publishing industry, scholars, general public or others.  Some possible subthemes could be:

  • metadata quality strategies and policies – guidelines, best practice examples, etc.
  • standards and methods for metadata quality assessment; their integration into library policies and workflows
  • benefits and issues arising from the integration of metadata from various sources (cultural heritage domain, other domains, crowdsourcing etc.) – theoretical approaches, project reports, use cases etc.
  • data provenance and sourcing

For full details on the session and how to make a submission, go to https://2020.ifla.org/cfp-calls/cataloguing/