Newspapers have for hundreds of years been the means that informs the public what is happening in the world both near and far.  Newspapers in print held the information and for historians were used to document as a primary source what was happening in earlier times.  Today while some countries have moved to digital news media, in other areas of the world, including India and much of Asia,  newspapers in print format have continued to grow in number and circulation.  Preserving the paper copies has added complexity in humid tropical climates.  This combined session of the Preservation and Conservation Section and News Media Section will focus on the conservation/preservation issues to assure the longevity of these valuable current and historic documents in tropical climates. The issues of pest control, climate and housing storage including, especially low cost actions and protections for these collections are invited topics  

In this open session, we are soliciting papers that will showcase research and utilize real-world examples to address the complexities of news print preservation to share experiences and best practices regarding, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • What is the best storage for newspapers in tropical climates?
  • How do institutions avoid pest damage to papers? How do you avoid damage?
  • How do you provide pest management using green technology
  • What is the best conservation of newspapers?
  • What is the best climate for newsprint? Temperature/humidity/light?  How can you achieve that with green technology
  • How does the newspaper format, that is the size of the publication impact the storage issues?

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