The Art Libraries invite proposals for the Open Session entitled “Rethinking the concepts of art libraries, in view of changing cultural heritage paradigms: collection building, facilitating access, reaching new audiences“.

Today art libraries are facing the challenge and opportunity of dealing with collections that are culturally and materially diverse, in an environment where social and political change is also shaping how they are used. How do art libraries apply or adapt their traditional practices to meet these challenges? Are their traditional modes of collecting, cataloguing and giving access to resources fit for this purpose? How can cultural heritage institutions such as museums, archives and libraries fight against inherited obstacles and build a new partnership? How can they connect new audiences with their rich, but sometimes little-known, collections? Will the evolution of technologies and standards really help us to adapt, or do we have to go further and rethink together the whole mission of preserving and transmitting cultural heritage for the future?

More information at WLIC2020 Call for papers.