Theme: “The evolving roles of libraries and knowledge management services in government: the blurring of the distinction between explicit and tacit knowledge and opportunities for new synergies”

The Government Libraries Section is seeking proposals for papers to be presented at a session to be held at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Dublin, Ireland 26-29 July 2022.


Librarians and knowledge managers in government find their respective roles are evolving. How can they benefit from collaborative working practices and learn from each other, despite customarily different starting points?
Libraries have traditionally seen themselves as repositories of explicit knowledge; knowledge management attempts to capture tacit knowledge so it can be shared. However, that distinction is becoming less clear cut in government as the library can often be the place where tacit knowledge is exchanged and the librarian often also acts as the knowledge manager.

We are particularly interested in presentations that consider:
• How can librarians foster best practice in the management of tacit knowledge – can they be an effective actor in its collection and dissemination?
• Can knowledge managers lean on the experience of librarians?
• Can collaboration and the adoption of each other’s working methods lead to more-informed government and better policy-making?

See the full Call on the WLIC 2022 site.