The Statistics and Evaluation Section of IFLA is hosting a two day Satellite event from August 22-23 at the University of Piraeus, Greece:

“More Than Numbers: Implementing New Assessment Methods for Libraries”

Our Section promotes the compilation and use of statistics both in the successful management and operation of libraries and in the demonstration of the value of libraries outside the profession.

We are seeking great presenters to share their knowledge, skills and experience implementing innovative assessment methodologies in a workshop or presentation style that can translate into successful applications for any Library type.

Evaluation / demonstrating evidence of support and services / materials, and so on through:

  • Visual analytics
  • Data analytics
  • Quantitative applications of Library assessments
  • eMetrics
  • Qualitative applications of Library assessments
  • Altmetrics
  • Web analytics
  • Capacity building through successful data story telling
  • Targeting Audiences with appropriate data

Submission guidelines

Interested parties are invited to submit an abstract (maximum 700 words) in English for a proposed presentation or workshop that include goals with outcomes for participants (what are the takeaways?).

Each presentation or workshop session will last approximately 50 minutes.

The abstract and goals with outcomes should be in English with the title. On a separate page, please include the title of the proposal; author/presenter’s name, position and employer; author/presenter’s email address and telephone number. Submit in a PDF or Word format.

Please submit proposals to:

Bella K. Gerlich, PhD


Evaluation and Deadlines

Proposals will be reviewed by a sub-committee of members of the Statistics and Evaluation Section.

  • Abstract submission: 15 March 2019
  • Notification of acceptance: 5 April  2019
  • Deadline for Powerpoint submission and any accompanying materials / handouts: 15 June 2019

All submissions must be in English and include the abstract.

Please note:

Accepted proposers must be present to deliver the presentation / workshop during the program of the Satellite Meeting.

All Powerpoints that are presented at the Satellite Meeting will be made available online via the IFLA Library under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Presenters must complete the IFLA Authors’ Permission Form.

All expenses for attending the Satellite Meeting (eg. travel, accommodation, etc.) are the responsibility of the authors/presenters. No financial support can be provided by IFLA.

Congress Participation Grants

List of opportunities for support is available on the Conference Participation Grants webpage.

About the location:

Inhabited since the 26th century BC, Piraeus is chief port city in Greece, located 12 kilometres (7 miles) southwest from Athens city center and lies along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf.  The University of Piraeus is one of the largest universities in Greece.

We look forward to seeing you there!