IFLA Headquarters is looking for librarians or library advocates to become trainers in order to build a pool of facilitators who can facilitate and teach a course on measurement, evaluation, and demonstrating the impact of library services. Two trainers per IFLA region will be selected.

Are you passionate about designing impactful community-focused library services and evaluating and demonstrating value and impact of libraries on communities and people’s lives?

Apply to join the Train-the-Trainers programme and help deliver the programme in your region.

IFLA’s Train-the-Trainers course (to be delivered over three days in early November 2023) aims to equip trainers with knowledge and skills to effectively train other librarians and library advocates in measurement, evaluation and demonstrating impact of library services. The course covers the following topics:

  1. Measurement, evaluation and demonstrating impact based on a community-centred logic model.
  2. Community data: Community assessment and needs identification.
  3. Performance data and performance measurement (Outputs/Statistics).
  4. Outcomes data: Outcomes and impact evaluation of library services.
  5. Evidence-based stories: Using data in storytelling to demonstrate impact.
  6. Training delivery and evaluation of training outcomes.

Trainers’ selection criteria

  • Good understanding of the respective regional library field and the need for librarians and library advocates to be able to better demonstrate the value and impact of libraries. Previous experience in measurement and evaluation is an advantage.
  • Experience in teaching, training, or professional development as a facilitator, including interactive and participatory learning approaches.
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English (required to fully receive the Train-the-Trainers programme).
  • Good communication skills: good written and oral communication skills, good networking skills, ability to guide and motivate participants, active listener abilities.
  • Good time-management skills, decision-making and problem-solving skills (required to independently plan for and deliver training workshop in the national and/or regional library field).
  • Self-management: high commitment to work, verified abilities to manage own duties between the attendance of training and related tasks, high resilience and resistance to stress, intrinsic motivation and creative thinking.
  • Be able to be reflective and open to receive feedback. Positive attitude and willingness to help librarians to bring the training instruction to real-life application during and beyond the training sessions.
  • Flexibility in time and general availability for delivering training will be considered. Being a trainer requires time away from one’s regular job while delivering trainings. The candidate verifies his/her availability to participate in the three-day Train-the-Trainers programme and follow-up training activities. A letter from their employer should be submitted that the candidate, if selected, can provide the time required for the participation in the Train-the-Trainers programme as well as in delivering follow-up training activities at a regional and/or national level in the following year.


  • Eligible are candidates representing any type of libraries or library organisations. Priority will be given to candidates affiliated with an IFLA member, but non-members are also encouraged to apply to this call.

Trainers’ responsibilities

  • Participate in the three-day face-to-face Train-the-Trainers programme in the Hague, the Netherlands in early November 2023. IFLA will cover all associated participation costs.
  • Become familiar with the Trainers Package.
  • Prepare and deliver at least 1 (one) training course to participants of the national or regional library field (in 2024).

Reasons to apply

  • Great opportunity to enhance your own measurement and evaluation skills.
  • Gaining the confidence to successfully deliver outcomes and impact evaluation training.
  • Empowering you to deliver structured training based on a modular, adaptable, training programme.
  • A chance to contribute to increasing our profession’s capacity to evaluate and demonstrate the value and impact of libraries.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted by email to Kristine Paberza-Ramiresa at [email protected] no later than 11 August 2023, 17:00 CEST.

The application shall include:

  • A one-page motivation letter in English, covering applicant’s experience and addressing the selection criteria.
  • CV in English.
  • Verification of availability to participate in the Train-the-Trainers programme and follow-up training activities.
  • Reference letter of recommendation.

This programme is made possible with funding and support from SIGL.