Motion 11.3: Motion to hold the election of the 10th member of the Governing Board

As outlined in the Convening Notice for the IFLA 2019 General Assembly at the World Library and Information Congress, 28 & 29 August 2019, a number of motions are due to be considered at the meeting on Thursday 28th August.

Motion 11.3 proposes to hold an election for the 10th place on the Governing Board. This is due to the original election, held earlier this year, resulting in a draw for this place.  In line with IFLA’s Statutes and Rules of Procedure a second election has been arranged to be held at the General Assembly 2019.

Since the Convening Notice was sent out, one of the two candidates in the election has had to withdraw from the election for personal reasons. Consequently, Jonathan Hernández-Pérez is now standing unopposed. A second election is no longer necessary and Jonathan Hernández-Pérez has been declared the 10th member of the Governing Board.

Motion 11.3 is now withdrawn, and ballot papers for the election will not now be distributed prior to the General Assembly.

Gerald Leitner
IFLA  Secretary General