Oksana RozmirovskaOksana Rozmirovska has been selected to receive the CILIP/IFLA Aspire award for a new professional in Ukraine in 2011. This award is made in memory of Bob McKee who had a strong belief in libraries as a means to a fairer and more prosperous society. This award is in the form of a grant to attend the IFLA Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico this August. The grant is for up to 3,000 EUR and covers registration for the conference, accommodation, flights, and per diem.

Oksana works in the Kherson Oblast (Regional) Library for Children. In 2007, she joined the library and worked at the Foreign Literature Department. From 2008, Ms.Rozmirovska is in charge of the Library Services Department. She is active in advocacy, project management. In 2012, she will receive her Masters Degree in Library and Book Science from Kyiv National University of Culture and Performing Arts.

The UK Aspire Award winner was also announced today.

Jointly sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) and IFLA, the Aspire Award was launched in
memory of CILIP’s Chief Executive Bob McKee, who died in August 2010.
The Award supports Bob’s strong interests in developing new
professionals and strengthening international relationships by providing bursaries for new professionals to attend CILIP and IFLA

The Aspire Award is being funded entirely by donations, which can be made through CILIP or IFLA.  

Complete details are available on the donation form [PDF].