How To Spot Fake News on CNN

Earlier this year, IFLA published a blog post about fake news and alternative facts along with the infographic How To Spot Fake News, as part of Wikipedia’s #1lib1ref (One Librarian, One Reference) campaign. The global hot topic fake news and the post-truth society is of great importance to libraries, as critical thinking is a key media and information literacy skill that libraries all around the world educate and advocate for.

This morning, CNN International picked up on IFLA’s infographic and broadcasted it in a Christiane Amanpour coverage of the Ukrainian news channel fighting fake news. IFLA is very happy and proud to see this important message spread all over the world, and we will continue to work within and outside the library community to promote media and information literacy and critical thinking – making societies better and stronger.

Through voluntary efforts by an engaged library community IFLA is now able to provide translations of the infographic in fifteen languages – with more translations pending. The translations can be found on this page, and if you miss your language you’re welcome to make your own translation – just contact us at IFLA Headquarters for an editable version of the infographic. The infographic is published under CC BY 4.0.