Join us in Rotterdam and take advantage of the Serials and Continuing Resources Section (#SCORE) program about “Digital Preservation” held on Wednesday, 23 August, 08:30 – 09:45 in the Room: Dock 1.

“Inclusivity and access to digital knowledge through digital preservation”

Behavior of digital information is made up of many elements to ensure access and retrieval of information. In this regard, digital preservation is a main interest in many libraries functions to ensure that digital information remains accessible and usable over time. In this context, information professionals have different approaches and initiatives towards digital preservation to support sustainable and universal access. This program will analyze current trends, advances, and innovation in digital preservation initiatives at a global level.

This live and in-person program will feature presenters discussing various aspects (suggested and not restrictive) of the digital preservation and libraries, such as: – Specific challenges with digital preservation – Digital preservation standards – Impact of licenses on digital preservation – Stakeholders in digital preservation (libraries, publishers, etc.) and their roles – Digital preservation of research data – Policies and regulations related to digital preservation – Education LIS and digital preservation

We look forward to seeing you in Rotterdam!

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