South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) is located in Ampara district of Sri Lanka in which the public, school and college libraries function with poor infrastructure, human resources and information sources. The libraries of SEUSL are fully fledged libraries featuring services and facilities such as enriched collections of print and electronic resources, modern information services, professionally qualified Library academics/professionals, paraprofessionals, digital collections, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and automated Library Management system.

As part of a community outreach drive, SEUSL libraries have decided to extend its services to the libraries across the Ampara district by establishing a Library & Information Network under the umbrella of SEUSL libraries. This library and information network has been named “South Eastern Regional Library & Information Network (SERLIN), Sri Lanka”.

SERLIN was officially launched by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Rameez Aboobucker at the 27th Founder’s Day celebrations of the university on 25th October 2022.  SEUSL libraries forms the core of the network with members from college, school, and public libraries members. By integrating all libraries within the Ampara district onto this unified platform, SERLIN aims to raise the access to information in the region. The mission of SERLIN is empowering the libraries, enhancing library systems and services, and promoting reading among the students and public in the region.

Speech by Vice-Chancellor Prof. A. Raameez

In 2023, SEUSL Libraries conducted the following programmes:

  1. Enriching SERLIN Libraries with Scholarly Resources

 One of the objectives at SERLIN is to assist member libraries in developing their collections to promote reading. With the support from YM Mustapha Trust Australia, South Eastern University Libraries (SEUSL) have initiated a book donation program aimed at helping SERLIN member libraries to achieve this goal. Several programmes have been arranged to support SERLIN member libraries in enriching their collections.

YM Mustapha Trust’s generous donation of books, totalling 6,316 items and valued at over three million Sri Lankan Rupees, played a significant role in supporting this programme. SEUSL Libraries distributed these resources to 78 SERLIN member libraries in the Amparai District across four phases. This programme is a crucial, substantial, and impactful endeavour dedicated to enriching and empowering libraries in Sri Lanka.

A book written by former Media Director Mr. V. Mathialagan on “Sollum Seithikal” was donated to the SERLIN member libraries. COSMOS, UK has facilitated the purchase of these books.

Book Ceremony 
  1. Empowering SERLIN Libraries with Research

 A one-day training session, titled “Workshop on Empowering Libraries with the Power of Research” and Book Donation Programme – SERLIN, took place on August 19 2023, at the SEUSL Library Seminar Hall. A total of 56 participants from various libraries in the region representing diverse backgrounds, actively participated and benefited from the program. All participants received certificates, were presented with a collection of books at the end of the programme.

Flyer for the Workshop and Book Presentation ceremony

The aim of the programme was to equip our library with research capabilities and to foster lifelong learning amongst our users. This would in turn assist not only our young researchers on their journey of discovery but also  support researchers seeking to unravel the mysteries of science, and community members who striving to address local issues.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor A. Raameez graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Dr. R. Balasubramani, a professor in the Department of Library and Information Science at Bharathidasan University, India, and Mr. R. Maheswaran, a librarian with University of Peradaniya were invited as speakers.

This collaborative venture between SERLIN and YM MustaphaTrust, Australia, signifies a significant effort to strengthen libraries, enrich scholarly resources, and empower librarians and researchers in the Eastern – Sri Lanka region.

  1. Networking Session:

To foster stronger connections among SERLIN members, a networking event featuring a grand luncheon took place on March 12, 2023, at the river bank of SEUSL. Participants were required to pay for the event.

Contributed by Dr. M.M.Mashroofa, Senior Assistant Librarian, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka