As a founding member of the Climate Heritage Network, IFLA is excited to join in supporting a call to action for culture at COP28 – and we invite you to join as well!

Since its founding in 2018, Climate Heritage Network has been stressing the importance of integrating culture into climate policy and planning. Culture is not only at risk in the face of a changing climate, but can also can accelerate adaptation and resilience, helping people imagine and realise low-carbon, just, climate resilient futures.

With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) just weeks away, CHN is taking our advocacy to the next level.

A Joint Work Decision on Culture

At COP28, we are advocating for Parties to adopt a resolution to launch a ‘Joint Work Decision on Culture and Climate Action’.

A Joint Work Decision is a UN process which would trigger policies and frameworks to enable culture to contribute fully to climate solutions.

A Joint Work Decision would launch a process to:

  • Understand how culture – heritage, arts and creative sectors –  is already supporting climate actions and solutions
  • Harness cultural voices to influence audiences and consumers
  • Unite the entire culture sector globally to scale up action on the most pressing issue of our time
  • Influence key policies and discussions on adapting to our changing climate, decarbonising, supporting cultural knowledge keepers, safeguarding heritage and culture, and innovating with our creativity

For IFLA, such a decision would open up more meaningful opportunities to highlight the important contribution of libraries to climate empowerment, research, and resilience-building.

Add your voice!

If you recognise culture as an indispensable pillar of climate action, sign up to support the campaign, and share it with your networks and communities.

Find out more and add your voice to the Call to Action.

Your input will strengthen this call and help power our advocacy at COP28!

IFLA will be bringing library voices once again to COP28. Stay tuned for more on our work in Dubai.