Topics include:

  • Letter from the Co-chairs (Ulrike Lang & Alan Brine)
  • IFLA CPDWL Section scheduled programmes at WLIC 2023
  • IFLA Coaching Initiative: an ongoing success story in cooperation with Management & Marketing Section (Ulrike Lang)
  • IFLA Guidelines for CPD: principles and best practices (Gill Hallam)
  • ASEAN Summer School for Emerging Leaders (Rajen Munoo)
  • CPD Research: Focus on Cambodia (Dr Gina De Alwis Jayasuriya)
  • Archive of past CPDWL Newsletters
  • Innovation in Libraries (Heba Mohamed Ismail)
  • Current list of CPDWL Officers, Standing Committee Members, & Advisory Group Members, as of January 2023

Our next issue is due around the WLIC2023 for publication. If you feel you have anything for a later one then please do contact me to see if we might include it in the newsletter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Alan Brine
IFLA CPDWL Newsletter Co-ordinator