The latest January 2022 issue is now available.

Topics included:

  • Letter from the Chair (Ulrike Lang)
  • The Guidelines Working Group (Gillian Hallam)
  • The IFLA Coaching Initiative (Ulrike Lang)
  • Interview: Dr. Dilara Begum, IFLA Division C Chair (Ray Pun)
  • CILIP’s central knowledge and skills framework (Sharon Hardwick)
  • Innovation during COVID in public libraries (Heba Ismail)
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Library and Information Science (LIS) Professionals in Selected Asian Countries (Gina de Alwis Jayasuriya)
  • International Librarian Networking Program 2021: Collaboration, Sharing Experiences, and Friendship All in One IFLA (April Manabat, Carmen Lei, & Noorjahan Shaikh)
  • Current list of CPDWL Officers, Standing Committee Members, & Advisory Group Members, as of January 2021