The IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL) Section proudly features a unique initiative by Dr. Ray Pun,  recent CPDWL Standing Committee member and current CPDWL supporter, that has been connecting with librarians globally since 2019 – the CPDWL Podcast series.

Pioneering the podcast platform, these sessions aim to facilitate continuous learning and enrich communication and cross-cultural dialogue among professionals in the field. Episodes, typically ranging from 20 to 45 minutes, offer an intimate and in-depth look at various topics, from leadership discussions to insights from newly published authors.

One of the distinctive features of the podcast series is its linguistic diversity. They’ve held conversations in languages such as Arabic, Filipino, Japanese, Spanish and Russian, broadening their accessibility and inclusivity. With an average of six episodes released annually, CPDWL has have captured listens, across 79 countries and regions, including Canada, China, the Netherlands and the US, reflecting the Section’s global engagement.Among their esteemed guests, they’ve hosted IFLA past-president Barbara Lison and current IFLA President Vicki McDonald, whose insights have been valuable to listeners.

The Section continually seeks out topics and individuals for fresh podcast episodes or innovative ideas. If you are interested in producing or managing the podcast series, please contact Helen Chan, Chair of CPDWL, for additional information (

Stay tuned for more exciting and enriching conversations in upcoming CPDWL Podcast episodes!