IFLA Dynamic Unit & Impact Award 2018In August 2018, CPDWL was proud to have been named by the Professional Committee as the winner of the inaugural IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award.

The award, presented at the closing ceremony of the WLIC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was accepted by Catharina Isberg, current Secretary of the Standing Committee and former Co-Chair and Information Coordinator.

The achievements of CPDWL were highlighted in the citation: 

Thanks to a solid plan of activities and working methods, leading to the delivery of a variety of services to IFLA members, a broad and inclusive communication strategy, and a robust collaborative approach within and beyond its Standing Committee, this Unit is making a high-quality impact on its own membership and on a wider audience, across other IFLA units and across all areas of the profession in our transforming global library field."

The Award reflects the sustained commitment and engagement of the section's Standing Committee members, extending over many years. Current and past members of the Standing Committee have contributed to the achievements of the section, encompassing best practice guidelines, conference sessions, satellite meetings, webinars, coaching programs and many publications.

The success of IFLA's Global Vision is underpinned by ongoing professional learning, underscoring the integral value and impact of the CPDWL section to the library and information profession across the world.