Document Delivery and Resource Sharing: Global Perspectives

The IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section (DDRS) Standing Committee would like to share the latest open access publication Document Delivery and Resource Sharing: Global Perspectives.

The document serving as a point of reference for coordinating operational resource sharing in all aspects.

The Chapters encompass the following:

  1. Resource Sharing Background and Current Environment
  2. Overview of National and International Resource Sharing Systems
  3. Copyright and Licenses
  4. Content Access and Technology
  5. Content Management
  6. Resource Sharing Operations Management

The publication was realized by the HERMES project funded by the European Union, with the goal ultimately being to create new, open source software for resource sharing, and to provide a training manual for librarians. However, this is an in-depth publication that has something for everyone, and experienced professionals will find it just as useful as people starting off in their careers.

The publication can be found in the IFLA Repository published in the series IFLA Professional Report, 140.

Document Delivery and Resource Sharing: Global Perspectives

This publication is intended to provide librarians, library practitioners, as well as teachers, researchers, and students of universities and research organizations and other interested parties, a foundation in resource sharing principles, practices and management. This publication provides an overv...

We hope it will have long-term value to your work.