Coronavirus has highlighted as never before how being online is crucial to our lives. Those who most need support (including older and socially disadvantaged people) are least likely to be online.

In the time of coronavirus, as never before, being online is central to all our lives. As we lock down and self isolate, this is how we can keep in touch with family and friends, access reliable health information, manage our own health without depending on overstretched health services, carry on working, access financial support, pursue leisure interests to keep us occupied.

In our next E4GDH webinar (Thursday 23rd April 2020, 1500 -1600 BST (GMT+1)), Bob Gann will describe how community organisations including libraries have worked to support people who might otherwise be excluded, by providing access to technology and building digital skills, confidence and digital health literacy. The webinar will conclude with discussion of action being taken now, during the global health crisis, to ensure those who most need information and support are not left behind in the digital age.  

NEW: webinar recording and resources now available

We are pleased to announce that this is a joint webinar with IFLA Health and Biosciences Libraries section.

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