IFLA is proud to announce a new partnership with the Goethe Institut – Emerging International Voices – bringing together active, engaged and connected emerging leaders from around the world.

Emerging International Voices graphic

We are at a potential turning point in the way we live, work, learn and interact, and so inevitably in the work of libraries. At a time of uncertainty in so many things, digital technologies however seem almost certain to play a key part.

But what new possibilities do they open up? What challenges can they bring, both in terms of how libraries build and strengthen communities, and we they position ourselves compared to commercial digital platforms.

With so many questions open, it’s as important as ever to bring our ideas and perspectives together, and build an understanding of how we can ensure libraries can continue to fulfil their mission in the years to come.

To address these, IFLA is proud to be joining the Goethe Institut in the Emerging International Voices programme.

16 emerging library thought leaders from around the world will come together across a series of three webinars in order to discuss with prominent speakers, and develop their thoughts. Each webinar will be opened by IFLA Secretary General Gerald Leitner.

Participants will then all prepare articles which will be published on the IFLA and Goethe Institut websites. You can find out more about each of the participants below.

We are glad to announce that the first parts of the webinars will be open for wider registration, and we will be carrying on the discussion on social media afterwards – watch this space!

Meet the thought-leaders:


Rita Aleixo 

Rita Aleixo


Nilay Cevher

Nilay Cevher


Rachael Culley

Rachel Cully


Ejla CurovacEjla Curovac


Allana S DelgadoAllana S. Delgado


Daria KlenovaDaria Klenova


Geetha MGeetha M


Pau Bano MagranerPau Bano Magraner


Damilare OyedeleDamilare Oyedele


Ilya RogovenkoIlya Rogovenko


Simpy SharmaSimpy Sharma


Zane Silina
Zane Silina


Naomi SmithNaomi Smith


Madiareni SulaimanMadiareni Sulaiman


Lizet van de KampLizet van de Kamp


Barnabas ViragBarnabas Virag


Rania Hay YahiaRania Hay Yahia