This year, IFLA’s Acquisition and Collection Development (ACD) Section continues its work to support acquisitions and collection development processes for libraries across the globe. Following last year’s focus on incorporating open access content into library collections, we shift our attention to Open Educational Resources (OER) collection development practices.

An open session, titled “Learning from pitfalls and embracing the promises of OER in collection development” will be delivered during the IFLA WLIC 2023 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This session aims to share best practices from a collection development perspective; understanding what has worked, and understanding the reasons why some ventures have not been successful in order to improve operational methods. The attendees will learn from the featured speakers but also from one another, and be positioned to bring ideas back to their home libraries for further exploration and implementation.

In coming years, ACD will continue its long term strategic planning to cope with the changes and challenges of rapid movement of Open Access. The Section’s current focus areas include: collection strategies towards open access and open science, collection development in consortial environment, on-going activities of collective collection, collection evaluation and analysis, diverse and inclusive collection management.

ACD also works on improving the in-section collaboration and section membership, aiming to optimise IFLA, as a global organization, which is one of main pillars of IFLA Strategy 2019-2014.

If you are interested in learning more about the ACD Section, please contact any of the IFLA officers, Lilly Hoi Sze Ho, David Tréfás, or Ann Roll.