​Digital records are vital assets of any organisation, and their preservation is the responsibility of managers and decision makers at all levels. The Executive Guide on Digital Preservation is intended to assist in convincing senior managers, government officials, and policy- and decision-makers of the importance of preserving their digital assets.

The development of the guide by Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) was supported by the UNESCO Memory of the World (MoW) Programme and the MoW PERSIST project and its Policy Working Group, with its focus on the sustainability of the knowledge society.


Using the Guide, practitioners can tailor and customise the message about digital preservation to their specific situation in a language that senior executives and decision-makers can understand and in a way that they can act upon. For example, the Guide describes the key motivators for digital preservation and the related risks and opportunities.

The Executive Guide is community led, open to all and free to use. Users are encouraged to both use it and contribute to it, as the Guide is intended to be an evolving document. The Guide is currently published in English. UNESCO is planning to make it available in other languages

Read the Guide on digital Preservation here and learn how to inform senior members and others about the relevance and importance of digital preservation.