IFLA’s Advisory Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) is seeking participants in a survey on Intellectual Freedom in libraries.

The survey aims to better understand, in local contexts around the world:

  • What ‘intellectual freedom’ means
  • What topics are controversial
  • Laws and other processes by which access to materials is restricted
  • How IFLA can help

The survey will be open through 31 August, and is available in English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and Turkish. It may take around 10 minutes to complete. You can change language with the small button in the upper right corner.

You may contact IFLA Policy Officer matt.voigts@ifla.org with any questions, and he will be happy to answer! He will also be available to talk at WLIC Rotterdam. Responses may be identified by country but will not be named by institution.

Thank you sincerely for your participation.