In 2011, Fiona observed the extent to which schools are under-resourced in Fiji. Her solution to this problem was to establish the Fiji Book Drive to deliver resources to these schools.

Fiona realised that improving literacy is key to affecting the most positive change in developing countries. All schooling is compulsorily done in English in Fiji. By profession, Fiona is an English teacher and has taught in deprived schools in East London and private schools in Melbourne. She wanted to have a positive impact on the world.

When Fiona was on the island Kadavu, Fiji, in 2011, she had a light bulb moment and decided to send books and school resources to remote primary schools.

Fiji Book Drive has now helped more than 170 libraries and 50 kindergartens in remote Fijian islands. Kadavu is the fourth biggest island in Fiji and Fiji Book Drive has helped nearly all the schools there multiple times. The books are selected according to the needs of the individual school. Schools are now reporting improvements in spoken English and reading.

Fiona says, “we do this because education empowers students and communities.” One of the keys to education is having the right resources. Fiona believes there are more than enough educational resources in Australia and that these can be redirected to Fiji, where many schools are under-resourced.

The mission is to improve educational outcomes and therefore life opportunities for students of Fiji through increased access to educational resources, predominantly focused on literacy. To re-purpose books, computers, and educational resources, taking them out of the hands of those that do not need them and into the hands of those that do. To operate in the most sustainable manner possible: keeping resources from landfills and only sending the most durable goods.

Fiji Book Drive is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. Fiji Book Drive has Donor Gift Recipient (DGR) status in Australia and financial contributions are tax-deductible.

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Contributed by Fiona Luth, Founder and CEO, Fiji Book Drive