At the WLIC Conference in Wroclaw, Poland, new members were introduced to the FAIFE committee for the term 2017-2019. The Committee is happy to welcome Brent Roe (serving his 2nd term), Loise Cooke (serving her 2nd term), Victoria Owen (1st term), Jonathan Hernandez-Perez (1st term), Inaam Charaf (1st term), Davorka Psenica (1st term), Peter Krantz (1st term), Laurie Bridges (1st term) and Vicki McDonald (1st term). We want also to thank the efforts of the following outgoing committee members for their efforts and dedication: Yasuyo Inoue, Paivikki Karhula, Alejandra Martinez del Prado, Sylvia Ogola, Irina Trushina, Amelie Vallotton Preisig and Quiang Zhu. Thanks everyone and looking forward to a productive collaboration.