IFLA Governing Board 2017-2019

IFLA is on a journey. Through the IFLA Global Vision, the library field has come together and started a worldwide conversation about how we can create the future, together.

Thanks to an unprecedented mobilisation over the last two years, we have never been in a better situation to do this. We have seen over 30,000 people share their opinions on the strengths and priorities of libraries from 190 United Nations Member States, and over 8500 ideas submitted to the IFLA Ideas Store.

At the World Library and Information Congress in Kuala Lumpur, we set out our intention to transform these contributions into a strategic plan. This will provide the guidance and framework necessary to move us towards our objective of a united field, supporting libraries worldwide to improve the lives of their users.

At the IFLA Governing Board meetings this week, we have taken further important steps. Board members, representing all library types and regions, explored how we can turn the evidence produced by the Global Vision, as well as key documents shaping the library environment, into a strategic plan.

In early 2019, we will be reaching out to our Professional Units, whose members provide so much of the energy and so many of the ideas that make IFLA what it is.

This will kick off an ongoing consultative process to ensure that the voices of all parts of the global library field are heard, and taken into consideration. When we arrive in Athens for our next World Library and Information Congress, we will not only be launching a strategic plan for IFLA as a whole, but also action plans for our Professional Units. Together, this work will set out a blueprint for a more powerful, more focused IFLA, better able to support libraries provide excellent service to their users.

However, this will by no means be the end of the road. Our goal is to build a strategic plan that not only allows IFLA to grow in its reach and impact, but which provides inspiration for everyone in the field in creating literate, informed and participatory societies.

We’re looking forward to making further announcements about how we can help libraries and library associations worldwide work more closely with IFLA to achieve our common goals.

Gerald Leitner
IFLA Secretary General

Glòria Pérez-Salmerón
IFLA President 2017-2019