Global Media and Information Week 2018 will take place from 24 to 31 October 2018, and provides an opportunity to discuss – and celebrate – the importance of skills as both a response to the challenges of a digital world, and an opportunity for people of all ages. IFLA is playing an active role in the preparation of the events, and encourages its members and the broader library community to get involved!

Global MIL Week 2018 Logo​In an increasingly information-rich world, the need for everyone to have the right skills and confidence is growing. Worries about fake news have focused concerns, but the importance of media and information literacy is nothing new. We must build a positive agenda, based on enabling success at the individual and community level.

The Global Alliance of Partnerships for Media and Information Literacy brings together stakeholders around the world – teachers, librarians, researchers, international organisations and the private sector – with a shared belief in creating this positive agenda.

Through both global and regional committees, the initiative supports events, research, and information exchange. Coordinated by UNESCO, this also offers a valuable means of showing to governments what libraries can do.

IFLA is proud to be part of the International Steering Committee, and is also active at the regional level. You can find out more about how to get involved in GAPMIL though our revised guide.

The highlight of the year – the Global Media and Information Literacy Week – will see an intense programme of events, discussions and online activity, focused on a feature conference to be held in Lithuania and Latvia on 24-26 October. It will focus in particular on Media and Information Literate (MIL) Cities, making the link with Goal 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

IFLA encourages its members and the wider library community to consider attending, and submitting papers (deadline 16 July) for this, in order to ensure that the voice of libraries is clearly heard. Find out more, including how to propose a paper, here.

Download IFLA's guide on Getting into GAPMIL.