IFLA WLIC 2016 will be held 13-19 August, in Columbus, Ohio, USA. This year the theme of the conference is Connections. Collaboration. Community. In accordance with this theme, Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group (SIG) will have an open session:
“Green Libraries ‐ Together, for All”
Thurs. 8/18 10:45-12:45 (session 215)

Open Session includes Introduction of the IFLA Green Library Award winner and Business meeting.
Chair: Harri Sahavirta (Finland)


1. Using Library Information Technologies and Resources to Support Sustainable Projects, Hong Xu (University-Corpus Christi, United States). Paper in English

2. Environmentally Sustainable Library Buildings: opportunities and challenges for Asian countries, Saima Qutab (University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia) Zainab Faruqui Ali (University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia) Farasat Shafi Ullah (University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia). Paper in English.

3. Searching for Sustainability – a blended course in how to search interdisciplinary, Mauritza Jadefrid (Gothenburg University Library, Sweden) Joakim Lennartsson (Gothenburg University Library, Sweden) Christian Kleinheiz (Gothenburg University Library, Sweden) Mats Blomberg (Gothenburg University Library, Sweden). Paper in English.

Moreover, the IFLA Green Library Award will be presented at Session 140, Special Presentation of Awards Session. All are welcome. 

We would also like you to drop by our social hour. More information about this will be published closer to the conference.  

You can find us at: