The IFLA Building Strong LIS Education Working Group invites the library and information science (LIS) community to provide feedback on the draft IFLA Guidelines for Professional Library and Information Science (LIS) Education Programmes by completing a feedback form AND/OR attending an online forum. The Guidelines serve as a framework for LIS education programmes and assist stakeholders in planning, developing and assessing the quality of LIS education and identify the knowledge areas an LIS professional should have to practice and continue to develop. It has been created to be applicable at any level of higher education.

We would appreciate commentary (e.g., strengths, gaps, etc.) on each section of the Guidelines, its use as a tool for the development of quality in LIS education, and its potential for adoption, support, or promotion to enhance the quality of LIS education locally and globally. 

Please complete the feedback form by March 31, 2021.


Join us at our online feedback forums. Each session, which will use the same format and content, has been designed for accessibility by regions, time zone and language. 

Please register to participate in one or more of the following Wednesdays in March 2021:

  • March 3, 12pm CT (Chicago) – Americas (ENGLISH) – Moderated by Clara M. Chu, Lisa Hinchliffe, Chris Cunningham
  • March 10, 12pm CET (The Hague) – Africa and Europe (ENGLISH) – Moderated by Jaya Raju, Helen Emasealu, Aida Slavic
  • March 17, 12pm GMT-5 (Lima) – Latin America (SPANISH and PORTUGUESE) – Moderated by Ana Maria Talavera, Virginia Ortiz-Repiso Jimenez, Clara M. Chu
  • March 24, 12pm GMT+8 (Beijing)  – Asia and Oceania (ENGLISH) – Moderated by Sohaimi Zakaria, Jiuming Ji
  • [Friday] March 26, 2pm GMT+3 (Moscow MSK) – Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (RUSSIAN/ENGLISH TBD) – Moderators TBD, co-hosted by the Library and Information Science Department, St. Petersburg State University of Culture – A special session of the Lifelong LIS Education annual conference
  • March 31, 12pm GMT+2 (Cairo) – Middle East and North Africa (ARABIC) – Moderated by Saif Abdulla Al-Jabri

Thank you!

The BSLISE Working Group is an initiative of the IFLA Education and Training Section (SET), LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group (LISEDC SIG), and Library Theory and Research (LTR) Section. To learn more, visit

Webinar hosted by the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs, University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign.


If you have any questions, please refer to our multilingual contacts:

Questions in Arabic Ø£Ø³Ø¦Ù„Ø© باللغة العربية – Saif Saif Al-Jabri, Sultan Qaboos University. Email: [email protected]

Questions in Chinese ä¸­æ–‡é—®é¢˜ – Jiuming Ji, East China University of Science and Technology. Email: [email protected] 

Question in French Questions en français – Thomas Chaimbault-Petitjean, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Sciences de l’information et des Bibliotheques. Email: [email protected] 

Questions in Portuguese Dúvidas em português – Mônica Peres, Universidade de Brasília. Email: [email protected] OR Tiago Braga, Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia. Emai: [email protected]

Questions in Russian Ð’опросы на русском – Albina Krymskaya, St. Petersburg State University of Culture. Email: [email protected]

Questions in Spanish Preguntas en español (España) Virginia Ortíz-Repiso Jiménez, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Email: [email protected]

Question in Spanish Preguntas en español (Latinoamérica) – Ana María Talavera Ibarra, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Email: [email protected]

Questions in Turkish Türkçe sorular – Fatih Oguz, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Email: [email protected]