Today, 20 October 2022 is World Evidence-based Healthcare Day (EBHC). Occurring during Health Literacy Month, EBHC is an opportunity to highlight the ways that evidence-based health literacy can support global healthcare efforts.

While last year’s EBHC focussed on infodemic management efforts, this year is focused on partnerships, and how to leverage those partnerships to “bridge research, policy and practice and realise the potential of evidence-based healthcare.”

The IFLA Health and Bioscience (HBS) Section, along with their sponsored Special Interest Group Evidence for Global and Disaster Health (E4GDH) join in the spirit of this year’s EBHC campaign to share their experience and expertise with the library and information field.

HBS and E4GDH are committed to working with partners, advocating for the critical roles that public, academic, public health and healthcare librarians can play and providing professional development to support their work.

This year HBS is exploring a project that examines the potential for Wikipedia to improve global access to free and reliable health information and democratize healthcare knowledge. E4GDH are continuing their partnership with Health Information for All (HIFA), developing a campaign for national library associations on trusted health information as one of the human rights.

A  webinar on the topic of leveraging partnerships will be announced soon.

Libraries play a critical role in improving access to reliable, evidence-based healthcare information and, in doing so, positively impact everyone’s health literacy.

Check out the IFLA Health and Bioscience (HBS) Section and Evidence for Global and Disaster Health (E4GDH) Special Interest Group Ambassador vlogs:

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